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The Supreme Court Docket Query Republicans Won’t Reply

jo beckerBut while, from the skin, one would possibly conclude that they weren’t massively influential at that second in shaping coverage or shaping majority judicial opinions. Or the within of deeply conservative grassroots base-kind organizations, they were like a rock star couple.

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archived recording You have the spouse of a sitting Supreme Court justice advocating for overturning a authorized election to the sitting president’s chief of staff. jo beckerIt’s clear that she still sees this as a full-blown battle, one that conservatives wanted to wage with ferocity. And in a means, the Thomases have by no means been extra highly effective on this battle. Over the course of his presidency, Trump had added three conservative justices to the Supreme Court, decisively tipping the stability to the right.

And it had been advocating in opposition to the Affordable Health Care Act and, actually, wished to see it overturned by the Supreme Court. archived recordingToday’s critics are renewing their name for Justice Clarence Thomas to disqualify himself. Because his wife, Virginia — Ginni Thomas — is a major lobbyist for conservative groups. jo beckerAnd when Clarence obtained it in 1996, Phyllis Schlafly even personally wrote a poem lauding him as the best justice on the Supreme Court.


And in reality, there’s a great historical instance about this the place Justice Scalia’s spouse was deeply conservative and was very angered by a ruling that he made. He joined with liberals in defending the right to burn flags. And she protested that by marching around their dinner desk that night and singing “It’s a Grand Old Flag” on the prime of her lungs.

The difference right here, though, is that Justice Thomas dominated exactly the best way that his wife would have needed within the circumstances that have come earlier than the courtroom involving this election. There has never been a spouse of a sitting justice who has been as overt a political activist as Ms. Thomas — and that presents a real conundrum for the court docket. jo beckerWell, Justice Thomas has not stated something about any of these revelations.

And the 2 of them converged at a second when both have been deeply concerned in conservative politics. He reduce his teeth during the Reagan administration when President Reagan appointed him the chairperson of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. jo beckerWell, we started an investigation into the Thomases more than 9 months ago. And we did that as a result of there’s been an open secret in Washington about Ginni and Clarence Thomas.

jo beckerWell, Justice Thomas did get confirmed in 1991. And within the years since, he’s often hearkened back to this hearing. And he as soon as stated that it really freed him to simply write the opinions that he wanted. There are some justices that they get on the court docket, they’re seeking to be a part of the majority. Ginni Thomas has insisted that she and her husband function in separate skilled lanes.